Working on New Song Lyrics

Baby drink from my body, As i drink from your body.

Cant u see that im thirsty. Coz im longing for your body. Got me thirsty for your body. Wanna put my arms around yeh, while u workin my body. Coz your stare drives me crazy, as you’re grinding on top of me.

Got a feeling i belong to yeah. Got this feeling that we’re meant to be. So baby drink from my body . Wanna kiss ya where u want it.

know it sounds crazy coz we’ve just met. But i dont get this feeling for no one else. Im so drawn to your body, makes me wonder if it’s just your body. Starting to think it could be something else. Is this feeling what they call love? Got me feeling like we’ve fcked in some past lives...

It's been months ive been thirsty. But i just cant get myself to touch nobody else. I just wanna have your body. Got a feeling it belongs to me. Got a feeling we are meant to be.

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