What to Do When You Got Played Before?

When you get played or hurt, you have the choice to play and hurt others back because you fear they might play or hurt you so you’d rather play and hurt them first.

Or you have the choice to forgive and move the f**k on and break the cycle of playing and hurting and do this world, others and yourself good, and treat others and live your life from a place of Understanding, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Kindness, Love, Trust and Responsibility.

When we choose the former, the next person we will meet could be someone who may add real value to our lives and we would have wasted that opportunity to share our lives with someone in a magical way.

When we courageously choose the latter, we still risk getting hurt and played but we also have the opportunity to actually be completely our flawed selves with someone and still be LOVED. ♥️♥️♥️

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