Success = Authentic Desires + Surrender


There are 2 kinds of Desires. Authentic Desires which are the things, circumstances and people your heart/spirit/who you are at your core truly FEELS visceral unadulterated desire for, and False Desires which are those that we THINK we desire because of external influences like maybe because we are jealous of others who have them, or because we feel insecure without them, or because people we value influenced us or told us that we should have them, etc.

When you are in the presence of your Authentic Visceral Desires, you feel good happy feelings.

When you acquire your false desires, you feel a constant fluctuation of feeling secure for having them and insecure for possibly losing them.

Success happens when the desired or goals are your authentic desires and you surrender.

To surrender doesn’t mean to give up nor not do any proactive actions towards the achievement of the Authentic Desires. It is merely doing what you feel is best towards their achievement, without being too attached or fearful of the outcome.

One sign of being fearful of the outcome is when you are trying to CONTROL people, things and circumstances around you in an attempt to achieve your desires. Controlling is motivated by Fears, whereas happily working on achieving your authentic desires and yet letting the chips fall where they may is motivated by complete TRUST in the process, one’s self, life, universe, in other people, circumstances, etc. And Trust is a manifestation of LOVE.

Your positive feelings towards such authentic desires such as happiness, love, excitement, enthusiasm, are forces that attract them even faster.

Trying to Control or not Surrendering feels stressful and thus is like a Resistance in an electric circuit that weakens the electric current that goes through it.

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