RF and Cavitation for Slimming in Makati at Aramesh Spa Review

Hi you guys! Well one of my goals this next 3 months is to get my waistline back to what it was when I was 14, which is 24 inches. I'd still be happy with 25 inches. I didn't wanna admit what it was as it was 29 inches. Lolz. I didn't really believe in RF or cavitation because i thought it looked silly. How couls a piece of metal being rubbed on your stomach make you lose fat??? But as I have this -5 inches goal, i tried RF and cavitation anyway at Aramesh Spa and Wellness fashionsmile.ph/aramesh/   located at 602 Heart Tower Condiminium Valero St. in Makati, since I live just a few munutes away and since the cute lesbian couple Dr. Far Shamsi and Dr. Shideh Nikbin, who ran the place are known to use best business practices in all of the businesses they run, Aramesh Spa being #2 on trip advisor as the most recommended by previous clients is but one of the many testament to that. So i did RF and cavitation for a good 20 minutes on April 6. And voila, like magic, the smallest part of my waist turned 28inches from 29. And a few inches below had been 34 inches prior and became 31 inches. Dr. Shideh suggested that to get the best results, I must avoid white processed carbs like white rice, pasta, etc. I said yes but I was invited to a buffet at The Cafe at Hyatt City of Dreams the next day and i felt like I had RF and cavitatiob so i could indulge in food and i told myself "Promise after this, I would go on no processed carbs diet as agreed" but after that i still ate a lot of carbs as people around me say I eat like a construction worker. Lolz. Food is one of my weaknessess. I love eating and i eat a lot. Anyway yesterday I went back to Aramesh to do Lipo Laser which I will write about on my next post. So they measured my waist again and now it was 28.5 inches. Considering the food i ate in the past 4 days, I was expecting my waist would be back to 29. Surprisingly it was still half inch smaller than my usual. I'm starting to believe in this RF and cavitation thingy. Anyways, so yeah, I will document this journey to 24inches waistline, and from now on with more Discipline, Commitment, Integrity and Responsibility. Join and follow me.

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