Post Break Up Vlog # – Why Do Guys Disappear After Sex?

Here I vlogged about Why Men Ghost or Disappear After Sex.

My Theory is that they are just Protecting You and Themselves.

They fear that they or you might start developing feelings and that would be a threat to their current comfort zone. And a lot of people fear change and because they fear it, they tend to be resistant to change.

And it has nothing to do with you being unattractive.

When a guy ghosts you, it’s so easy to feel like maybe he ghosted you because you’re not attractive or good enough and to blame it on all your insecurity.

But even my girl friends who are even hotter than me and have more Instagram followers than me have told me they’ve been ghosted before as well.

In addition to that, my friends have told me of stories of how some guys who eventually fell in love with them had ghosted them in the beginning and it’s happened to me as well. Some guys who I eventually had a committed relationship with initially ghosted me.

Anyway, this is just my theory and I believe that any individual insight has limitations.


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