Hi you!
Thanks for showing love for me and support for what I wanna do by becoming a member of this exclusive members-only page. Welcome to my crazysexy world. Here are some house rules:
1. As you can see, this is a new sitr so i'm still in the process of building it so you're gonna have to bear with me.
2. I will gladly entertain questions and suggestions and toy with the ideas, but i'm no conciege so it's still my discretion whether i will wanna do what's been suggested or not.
3. We have the right to kick out anybody who will display what I feel is a rude behavior, so you're gonna have to behave.
4. We do not give refund.
5. I trust that you won't upload the content here anywhere else to keep them intimate and sacred between us. It's like our little secret.

6. I haven't had a boyfriend for a year so feel free to be kind and nice and generous to me by surprising me with lovely gifts. Here are

my wishlist:

1. The latest, fastest, hottest, biggest memory Macbook Pro

2. Samsung Note 8 or Samsung S9+

3. Chrome Hot Pink Fortuner.

4. Shopping spree of clothes and accessories