Foreword of Get Any Guy You Want or Have Fun Trying: a Female Player Shares 7 Secrets on How to Upgrade Your Dating, Mancandy-hunting, Soulmate-catching


Male models, pro football players, pro race car drivers, pro basketball players, pro rugby players, Rugby sniffers, club DJ’s, movie stars, gangster, carnapper, smuggler, businessmen, politicians, doctors, lawyers, Tengku, average joes, master pick up artists, martial artists, con artists, purported Sheiks, speed seducers, traffic enforcers, spiritual gurus, brown, black, white, yellow, mongrels, smart, semi-retarded, with hair, without hair, with teeth, without teeth, the whole gamut of men – they have, at one point or another, fallen under my stiletto-clad female player spell.

And this is despite meeting some of those high value men while we were surrounded by an ocean of women way better-looking than I am, at least in the commercial glossy magazine’s objective standard of beauty that is.

This is not a book that will have all the answers and solutions to your problems, but it does offer some dammmn good ones. If you follow what you will learn here, you will become a more attractive woman, capable of catching and keeping the right guy, or …guys, it’s all up to you. I mean, there are more than 7.4 billion people in the world, of which 50.4% are males.

Yes, babygirl, we are outnumbered by males by about 30 Million!      

So, remember this:

The One for you is out there, waiting, wondering and preparing himself for you too.

Even The OneThousand is a negligible amount compared to the billions of men out there, and I doubt if even Kim Kardashian has dated that many.

In short, if you’ve met or dated a hundred men, that’s still a negligible amount compared to the abundance of men that walk our lovely mother earth. So the likelihood of at least one right guy for you out there is at least 1 in 30 million high!

Like anything, what you will learn here, you can use for good or evil. I hope you will use it for the former.

See, I’ve used them before for evil, and it got me some fun and a lot of trouble. :)

And it’s ok as I’ve learned a whole lot from those mistakes, and I don’t think I would have wanted it any other way.

Through spiritual and character development, I have transmuted the art of female playing into something I can share with others to empower, inspire and add value.

So trust me, it can help you enjoy The Many and find The One whom you will love to pieces and who will love you to pieces back and who you can happily grow old with, like it got me to enjoy The Many and find The One guy whom I love to pieces and loves me to pieces back and whom I feel I can happily grow old with.

To your Success,

Amanda Coling xx

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