Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I access the Members Only Content?
  1. Sign Up for Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership (Platinum is recommended as I have platinum exclusive content)
  2. If you already have an membership account, login to the membership page using the Login / View Profile Menu Link. You will be automatically redirected to the members only content page.
  3. If you are already logged in, you can re-access the Membership Only content using the Members Only Content link under the Login/View Profile Menu Link
How do we access the Vimeo videos with Password restrictions [Platinum Members Only]

For the purpose of security, prevent non-Platinum members  to access and also prevent my videos from being distributed elsewhere (like forums and other sites) I decided to add an additional security so that these Vimeo videos are only accessible to Platinum members Only. I only require your Vimeo usernames, so that I can add you to my list of allowed users and be able to view the videos as long as you are logged in into your Vimeo accounts.

The username can be found by following this guide:

On the Desktop or the Desktop View on your Mobile Chrome Browser follow these steps

Settings->Profile->Vimeo URL

Change it to your perferred username: example

If you have questions for me don't hesitate to drop me a message by using the form below